How to adjust the volume

No matter what TV device you have, it is essential that we can all adjust the volume. You can change the volume on all Smart TVs, even the TCL Roku TV. It’s helpful to know how to adjust the sound without your remote in case you lose it.

How to adjust the volume using the app

Roku’s mobile app is an excellent option if you lose your remote control or cannot find it. This app is accessible in both Google Play and AppStore, regardless of your OS. This app allows you to control Roku SmartTV. Although this app does not have the same capabilities as a standard remote control, it will enable you to adjust the sound, view channels, and make other adjustments to your Smart TV.

How to install the “Remote For TCL Roku TVs App” app on your smartphone

This app can be installed on both Android and iPhone. It is almost identical on both OSes. You will need to:

Go to AppStore and Google Play first.
Type “Remote for TCL Roku Televisions” in the search bar. You should see the app in your search results.
Click on the app that interests you and then go to the page.
Click the Install button.

How to adjust sound using the “Remote for TCL RokuTVs” app

You can adjust the sound with the app by doing the following:

Once the app has been installed, ensure that your phone is connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot network as your Smart TV.
Next, select the app on your main screen or in the tab you placed it during installation. Go to settings and then to the “apps tab.” Look for the app in the list.
After the app has opened, tap the joystick icon at the bottom of the menu bar.
To adjust the volume, navigate to the bottom using the speaker icons.
Tap the headphone icon at the bottom right corner to hear the recording through headphones.
Further information about how to adjust the sound: The icon at the left is the Mute button. The icon in the middle is the Volume Down. The volume up button is located on the far right.

How to adjust the Roku’s speech volume

Roku’s volume settings include the volume of streaming audio and the speaker option. This feature is automatically enabled and will speak to you while you navigate through the menus.

If you want to adjust the volume of Roku’s Speech feature, follow these steps:

Switch to the Roku home screen.
Go to Settings. These should be found on the left-hand side of your Home screen.
After opening Settings, navigate to the Accessibility menu.
You will then see the option to choose Volume. You can choose it.
After you have navigated, adjust the volume to your liking.

To turn off this feature, hold down the Start button four times. To turn the function back ON, press the Start button four times.

How to adjust the sound on your TV using buttons

You can also use the button below the TCL logo on your TV. You will need to:

Locate the button and click it once.

Once the TV has turned on, hold it, and a tab will appear on your screen with channel-changing buttons, a power button, and two buttons to adjust the volume. Hold the button located behind the logo to adjust the volume.
Because you have to be close to a TV all the time, this method can be uncomfortable. I recommend that you use the app instead. The app is temporary, however. A new remote control is the best solution to the problem of not having one.